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Is bath time a struggle? We're here to help!

Some kids love bath time, but there are plenty who run in the opposite direction when they hear the word “wash”.

Kids fight bath time for many reasons – they might struggle with transition/change of activity, have sensory issues related to the sound, feel and temperature of water, or have a fear of getting soap in their eyes to name just a few.

Make bathtime fun!

This point might seem obvious, but if you can help associate bath time with fun time, your kids are less likely to focus on their worries (like being sucked down the drain!) and relax with you at bath time.

Here are our top activities to transform a stressful bath time into creative fun time:

Soap paints

Especially great if you struggle to get your kids into the tub! Kids have great fun painting their skin with pretty soaps and are more receptive to hopping into the tub to have fun cleaning them off.

Check out our Cocobubble super gentle, stain free soap paints that wipe clean from the tub with ease.

Just like all of our products, they're free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS, SLES & phthalates.



Finger puppets

These are great for kids who struggle with the transition/change of activity when it comes to getting in the bath.

Cocobubble finger puppets are handmade from high quality felt and are the cutest characters that can be played with in and out of the bath.

Next time your little ones need a scrub, let them pick the characters they want to take in the bath and start playing with them in advance. When it comes time to hop in, the characters are even more fun in the bath because they stick to the tiles when wet!

Smoother transition = less drama!



Check out the puppet characters here, we love all of them.

Go on adventures

With the right stimuli, there is no limit to where bath time can take you!

Encourage your kids to plan their bath time adventure ahead of time, and pick which characters and accessories will be coming with them.

For inspiration, check out our bath activities page! We'll also be sharing ideas for some great adventure destinations, characters and DIY activities here soon - check in here to find them :)


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